Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LDS Church looking for feedback on Ensign

If you didn't make it to the last page of the Ensign this month you might have missed an opportunity to explain why you didn't make it to the last page! (Actually, you didn't miss it, and it's easier to fill out the Ensign survey online anyway, and I'm sure we all read the Ensign cover to cover.) I encourage everyone to take the survey. A voluntary survey is bound to attract extremes in opinions- even more reason for the readers of this blog to participate as I anticipate that we fall somewhere in the middle. I think it is wonderful that the Editors and GA advisers are making a concerted effort to ask and listen to the wider readership, a great sign of humility.

I have had discussions on this blog and offline with some of you about the Ensign and it's role in both setting and reflecting LDS art and culture. I see it as a powerful media tool for the LDS Church to promote desired cultural tones and to inspire the further development of LDS art and culture. I also find the Ensign to be an interesting barometer of LDS cultural trends and the changing face of the Church.

Before I go off to take it myself I can't help but critique the survey having been involved with survey creation and collection the last few years. :) Overall they get a high score: the length is appropriate; visually it flows well; it follows good rules about mutually-exclusive answer choices, odd number scales; I like the balance of questions. They might get some half-filled out paper versions back as it is possible to interpret the first page to be the end of the survey. My favorite question, hand down, is #10, where we get to describe the magazine as "modern" "too idealized" "inviting" and more exciting adjectives. I'm excited to share my thoughts (I'll be nice, I promise).

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