Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Viral Mormon Video

In the wake of the Big Love controversy the LDS Church put out a video through their new YouTube channel called "Mormon Messages" which has easily broken all previous records for an official LDS video going viral on YouTube.   It has only been out a few days and it has even made the Top Viewed list for the week.   The guys over at LDS Media Talk provide the backstory but I think it did well because:

1) it was relevant to active discussion online 
2) it was short
3) it used the word "Mormon" strongly which has  Google power 
4) it was integrated across the LDS websites 
5) they specifically asked LDS bloggers and email lists to promote it.  

In general the Mormons are a tech-savvy bunch, it will be interesting to observe the evolution of their participation and convening power online.