Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful Photo Exhibition depicting the Life of Christ

Tonight I was introduced to an exhibit produced by an LDS photographer, Mark Mabry, out of Arizona which depicts scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. It is an absolutely beautiful collection of images. It was shot on location in and around Arizona, the costuming and actors were borrowed from the LDS Easter Pageant. Having grown up in Mesa and attending that Easter Pageant all my life I must say that the art and emotional impact captured in these still images was a much more powerful experience for me personally. In comparison with other artistic mediums to depict Christ I find this example of photography particularly moving because of the human emotion that is able to be portrayed in the faces and bodies of the subjects.

Currently the exhibit is showing at the Arizona Temple Visitor's Cener but it has received approval from the First Presidency and will travel to all the visitor's centers around the world. My expectations were exceeded in the quality and the emotional image of the photography. I commend the artists and the producers for both the spirit they captured and the art they produced. I understand that they are in talks that will bring the exhibit to the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. as well as the Washington D.C. LDS Visitor's Center. I look forward to seeing it in person.

There have been various reviews around the web by those who have seen it in person and universally it appears to be a very powerful experience. Jeff Lindsay at Mormanity writes the most detailed review and description of his experience.

I encourage everyone to share the video, I can't imagine a better video to endorse in the viral sharing world of the web. For those with more interest you can see behind the scenes video about the production at It really does add a lot to the viewing experience to hear, feel, and know the individuals behind the photos.

I find it to be a wonderful example of people using their time, talents, and all of their souls in the artistic proclamation of the ultimate message of life and salvation.

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